RPL Assistant

Straight-forward, streamlined and succinct, RPL Assistant software makes collecting and collating evidence a dream.

Time for a Change

For too long RPL has been a long, tedious, frustrating, confusing and burdensome process for RTOs, trainers and students. It is mandatory to offer an RPL pathway to prospective students, however too many RPL kits:

      • are 100s of pages long,
      • are difficult to navigate and impractical to use,
      • have several blank sections, requiring assessors and compliance officers to decipher whether the page is intentionally blank (ie not required), not yet complete or accidentally forgotten,
      • require tedious and time-consuming mapping of evidence, or
      • are unable to clearly identify knowledge and/or skill gaps within a unit.


      If your current RPL kit/s have any of the problems above, we want to hear from you!


There is a better way!

Using RPL Assistant is like having an admin team doing all the heavy lifting for you.

Introducing RPL Assistant

Welcome to the RPL Kit Revolution!

Using an RPL Assistant makes assessing candidate competency against compliance standards a breeze. Make RPL something that everyone of your experienced students has access to, boosting your completion rates and reducing the volume of learning.

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