About us

 Our mission: To be the lead provider of Aha-Moments.

We turn learning into an immersive, euphoric, and unforgettable experiences for learners and trainers.

Leading Education Innovation’s values of quality, collaboration, integrity and innovation guide the products we produce and how we work with our partners, our customers and with each other.





What our Values Mean to Us

Integrity to me in my role with LEI means that the promises I make to my staff and clients are kept.  It’s a value that I personally hold in high regard and as such, I understand how important it is for others to be able to trust that we (LEI) will act on our word.  Integrity can be seen in the decisions made by our management team, and the open communications issued to our staff and clients.


We demand benchmark and cutting-edge training and assessment resources. We believe in not only meeting RTO standards for assessment, but also a great user experience. We keep the end user, the student in mind when we develop our products so we help you create an enjoyable and worthwhile training journey for your customers. Quality means equipping trainers, assessors with tools that will allow them to focus on mentoring and injecting their life experiences into their lessons.


I know that I will never be the greatest at everything. Even though we all strive to develop our skills, learn and improve, I acknowledge each individual has particular strengths, talents and gifts and that collectively the whole is greater than one.  Working collaboratively means that I will be challenged by others, as I will challenge them, and the exchange of knowledge, experiences, beliefs and cultures enriches our workplace and produces innovative, quality product. Collaboration at LEI is seen in all that we do!


Integrity means we mean what we say. We deliver on our promises. We respect and believe in our values and make sure that everyone in the Leading Education Innovation family shares our vision.


Innovation means being brave enough to challenge the status quo.  It means that others may not agree with you; and you might have to manage resistance.  But ultimately, it means creating something that is the best in the market.  It means our product facilitates more effective results.  Let evidence of competence, resilience and outcomes speak for itself.


We strongly believe collaboration is what leads to success. Only be ongoing and regular feedback will we make the best possible product. Internally, this means we help each other out and provide constructive improvement feedback. Externally, this means that we listen to our team members, customers, industry representatives and stakeholders. Our resources are high quality because they are a product of teamwork.


In essence, quality is being proud of your product and knowing that you have reached a level that produces or exceeds desired results.  It means that you can be proud to introduce the product to clients and know that it will fulfil its purpose.  Quality takes time, it takes effort and it takes perseverance and competence.  Of course, this means it’s not the ‘easiest’ road; but my life experiences tell me that roads that are more difficult to travel lead to greater destinations.


We are not afraid to try new things and seek out best-practice design. We believe in making the training and assessment process streamlined and intuitive. Where possible we seek to simplify and clarify using best-practice instructional design techniques. We encourage both our team and our partners to share ideas and engage in the innovation process.


Matt Garratt

Innovation and Design Manager

Award winning instructional designer and eLearning specialist with experience working in primary and tertiary education, in registered training organisations, language schools and universities. Passionate about great education design and empowering others to reach their potential. Specialist areas include TESOL, international business, logistics and management.


Andrea Stockton

Delivery and Performance Manager

Educational practitioner with extensive industry experience including corporate and workplace training facilitation, resource design; instructional design, project management and compliance.  Professional qualifications held support a varied skill set and include Human Resource Management, Training Design and Delivery, Adult Language and Literacy Support.