What if Preparing for the Festive Season was a Unit of Competency?

We have spent so much time on training.gov developing, mapping and validating training and assessment tools this year…it has got to the point where we have training package language on the brain! Which then got us thinking….what if preparing and engaging in the festive season was written into a unit of competency? We thought we’d give it a go! See what you think of our attempt below! Make improvements and changes at the SOSXMAS001 Wiki, or leave a comment below!


SOSXMAS001 – Prepare for and participate in the festive season



This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to prepare for the festive season. This unit is designed for integration and contextualisation with vocational units to support achievement of vocational competency, and a Merry Christmas/New Year.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit (yet!).


Elements and Performance Criteria

Element Performance Criteria
Elements describe the essential outcomes. Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.
1. Prepare festive gatherings

1.1 Negotiate and schedule catch ups with family, friends and other people you only want to see once every 12 months

1.2. Develop contingency for unexpected gift receipt and reciprocal obligations

1.3 Negotiate and agree on family festive gathering location and duration within established family requirements

2. Procure goods and services

2.1 Develop shopping list

2.2 Determine gift procurement strategies in accordance with personal budget
2.3 Purchase necessary items by navigating shopping centres effectively

3. Give and receive gifts

3.1 Establish and communicate rules for gift exchange systems

3.2 Communicate gift restrictions and parameters

3.3 Prepare and despatch gifts

3.4 Follow historical and social requirements for gift etiquette

4. Engage in festive traditions and gatherings

4.1 Access and watch movies and TV shows with a festive theme

4.2 Consume food and good cheer within limitations

4.3 Assist attendees at gathering who consumed surplus good cheer

4.4 Effectively engage in small talk

4.5 Capture and share key moments from festive gatherings with others


Performance Evidence

Evidence of the ability to:

  • Manage intoxicated guests
  • Manage and engage disgruntled or grinch-like family or friends
  • Capture and distribute entertaining/embarrassing moments on popular social media websites


Evidence must be collected using tasks typically performed over the festive season.

Note: Where a specific volume and/or frequency is not specified, evidence must be provided at least once.

Knowledge Evidence

Evidence of the following knowledge must be demonstrated:

  • Key principles of re-gifting
  • Festive traditions
  • Holiday scheduling and procurement


Range Statement

established family requirements may include:
  • rotation of festive hosting through sibling roster
  • availability of facilities (bathrooms, air-conditioning, swimming pool, spa)
  • historical allocation of hours spent with parental family & in-law family members
  • procedure for seating allocation
  • rules of engagement for divorcees and defacto relationships
gift procurement strategies may include:
  • purchasing from a physical or online store
  • making something you saw on Pinterest
  • locating unwanted gifts received last festive season or during the year and re-gifting
  • other legal acquisition strategies, such as swapping or bartering
navigating shopping centres effectively must include:
  • dodging stressed and frantic shoppers
  • avoiding or ignoring over-zealous salespersons flogging unwanted items and/or tin-rattlers from various charities
  • finding competitively priced items
  • appeasing children and/or partners (where applicable)
  • minimising time at the shopping centres using online procurement strategies as much as possible
gift exchange systems may include:
  • Secret Santa, White Elephant, or Yankee Swap
  • handing out sweets and chocolates willy-nilly
  • sending greeting cards with tacky messages to everyone in your address book
gift restrictions and parameters may include:
  • budget
  • size
  • age
  • appropriateness
  • gender suitability
prepare gifts may include:
  • wrapping
  • labelling in accordance with gift exchange system
gift etiquette may include:
  • smiling and expressing joy when opening a gift, regardless of the usefulness or tastefulness of the contents
  • avoiding expressions of disappointment
  • refraining from repeatedly shaking a card with an expectation of seeing cash
  • showing others your gifts and expressing gratitude
  • avoiding gift comparisons
  • carefully placing the gift in a safe location, to avoid accidental damaged
  • diligently collecting and packing all gifts for departure
despatch gifts may include:
  • dressing up in red clothing, white gloves and a hat, placing the item in a sack and handing the gift over while chuckling merrilly
  • posting or couriering in a timely manner
  • leaving the item somewhere for the recipient to find, so that any awkward interactions can be avoided
  • confidently handing the gift to the recipient
movies and TV shows with a festive theme may include:
  • traditional flicks, such as any one of the hundreds of versions of “A Christmas Carol”
  • parodies, such as Bad Santa
  • movies that have nothing to do with the festive season other than the fact that they are set during the holidays, such as Home Alone or Die Hard.


Assessment Conditions

Assessment texts and tasks reflect those typically performed over the festive season.

Culturally appropriate processes and activities suited to the language, literacy and culture of individuals and each individual’s family circumstances must be considered.

Reasonable adjustments can be made to ensure equity in assessment for people who received coal instead of gifts on previous years.

Assessors must dress up like Santa or another (pseudo) religious figure, have sound knowledge of carols and have demonstrable expertise in being generally jolly.



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